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Scarborough Oshawa Orthodontics, the orthodontic practice of Dr. Edward Pong - Orthodontic specialist for adults, teens and children.

Dr. Edward Pong has 33 years of experience helping people achieve their best smile. Running two small offices, one in Scarborough and the other in Oshawa, allows Dr.Pong to offer patients a personalized orthodontic experience. Each person’s case is unique and individual and it is Dr. Pong’s mission to make the care you receive at his offices as individual as each patient.

Our receptionists in the Scarborough Orthodontics office speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin

About orthodontics:
Orthodontics is the dental specialty associated with the correction of abnormal alignment of the teeth & jaws. This is actually a much more complicated treatment process than most people perceive it to be. Many decisions need to be made to arrive at the best treatment plan for the individual patient. Nature can deal a hand with many different variables, so really, no 2 cases are exactly the same. That is the challenge and fun of orthodontics. For example, growth of the jaws can be helpful in cases with small jaws, or detrimental in cases with large lower jaws.



4002 Sheppard Ave. East,
Suite 302
Scarborough, ON
M1S 1S6

1050 Simcoe Street North
Suite 112
Oshawa, ON
L1G 4W5

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