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About Us  |  Dr. Edward Pong

Dr. Edward Pong graduated from University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 1974 and subsequently interned 1 year at the Hospital of Sick Children’s Dental Dept. He then associated in a general practice in Scarborough for 2 years before returning to the University of Toronto Graduate Orthodontic Program. Upon graduation in 1979, he worked with a senior orthodontist for a few years and started his Oshawa office in 1981. He was a clinical Instructor at the University of Toronto in the Undergraduate Orthodontic Department for 9 years.

“I feel very blessed to be an orthodontist. It is a big responsibility to be entrusted with something as important as one’s smile” “By improving a smile, we’re able to make a big improvement in a person’s self esteem and confidence. This is seen in all age groups – from teenagers to older adults”

Dr. Pong’s interests outside of orthodontics, includes playing with the grandkids, violin making, recording classical chamber music with analogue tape and all things audiophile.


About Us  |  The Staff

Dental Hygienist - Bethany and Jane are licensed Dental Hygienists who perform various intra-oral procedures, including the practice of orthodontics. Though they have many years of dental experience, they have had the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Pong for the last 15 years ( and counting!) in helping clients achieve that beautiful smile. With confidence, their own five children have benefited from Dr. Pong's experience and expertise as a specialist in orthodontics.

Dental Assistant - Rosalie is a CDA II (Certified Dental Assistant Level II) and has been working with Dr. Pong for 7 years. She brightens the office with her laughter as she assists and welcomes our clients.

Reception Staff - Shari, Jennifer, Carrie and Cecilia have the privilege of managing the daily schedule to enable clients to be seen on time. In addition, they are eager help answer questions regarding finances, contracts and insurance forms. Jennifer is a former patient of our office and is often complimented for her beautiful smile. Collectively, they have worked over 30 years with Dr. Pong. Our receptionists in the Scarborough office speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

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