Why Choose an Orthodontist?

There is currently a movement for general dentists to offer orthodontic treatment and Invisalign, in their practices. I want to caution you in making this decision, as an orthodontic specialist has had an addition 2-3 years of post-graduate education and orthodontics is the only field they practice.

Good orthodontic treatment is the result of understanding the many subtleties of growth and development, and a special skill is required to bend the wires to achieve this result. Every detail makes a difference to the final result, from the decision to extract teeth or not – in fact, which teeth to extract. From the initial placement of the brackets to the final finishing bends in the wires, everything makes a difference. These are not skills and insights that can be acquired after a few short courses.

Sometimes jaw surgery is necessary, as well as orthodontic treatment to achieve the best result. All of this has to be visualized and planned by the orthodontist.

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In medicine, one would not go to a general practitioner to do surgery because they are cheaper or more convenient.

We always ask how patients find us. Usually it’s a referral from a dentist or friend, however, once I came across a most interesting answer – a Mother told me she asked 25 strangers who had beautiful teeth who their orthodontist was. She said my name came up 14 times…

In fact, even amongst specialists, there can be quite a variation of treatment plans. Orthodontics is as much an art as science.

Understand and know what you are “shopping for” when you are looking for an orthodontist!

“The only source of knowledge is experience”
Some wise words from Albert Einstein

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